Best Of Pub Music 2022

The year 2022 has been rich in musical and sound creations. Each month I decipher the soundtrack of inspiring campaigns. Here is the selection of the 7 campaigns of 2022 whose soundtracks deserve your attention:

Instituto Sou da Paz - Trigger Pen

A film all in reverse to show the principle of cause and effect. I particularly like the treatment of the music in reverse at the beginning in contrast with the sound of the sound effects in real time.

Category: NGO - Agency: Tech and Soul - Production: Piloto, Wudd - Director: Danilo Pontes e Leonardo Trintinalia - Composition: Blood Audio > Otavio de Moraes

The Woolmark Company - Wear Wool, Not Fossil Fuel

A music that creates a beautiful, magical and strange atmosphere. The second part accompanies the contemplation of the images and the promise of the brand.

Category: Fashion - Agency: 20something - Production: Park Village - Director: Jorik Dozy, Sil van der Woerd/ Studio Birthplace - Composition: Ambit Sound

G-Star RAW - Wear Your Denim Till the End

A music created in parallel with the sound design allows to distribute the frequencies and to give a spectral balance.

Category: Fashion - Agency: The Family Amsterdam - Production: Halal - Director: Paul Geusebroek - Typesetting: Sizzer

Assos Of Switzerland - RSR Targa Superskin

A sound ambiance that brings tension and reinforces the immersive side of the experience.

Category: Fashion - Production: Bolder Creative - Director: David Farquharson - Composition: Sound Canvas

HSBC - Let's make the planet not pay the cost

A music at the same time contemplative, that embarks us and deeply human. Also it is very well anchored in the Argentine culture for which this campaign is intended.

Category: Bank - Agency: DAVID Buenos Aires - Production: BITT - Director: Javier Lourenco - Leo Sujatovich - Composition: Bamba Music

HP - Printing Trees

The music and the sound design bring a playful side to the film. Also the sound universe reinforces the link between the printer brand and its sustainable development approach.

Category: Technology - Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Portland, USA - Production: Iconoclast - Director: Megaforce - Typesetting: Walker > Ben Salisbury, Suvi-Eeva Äikäs - Sound design: 750mph

Stake - The Takeover

What could be better than a slamming text on an urban music to show a position of defiance and surpassing oneself.

Category: Finance - Agency: Bear Meets Eagle On Fire - Production: Augenblick Studio - Typesetting: Rumble Studios