Bouygues Energies & Services – Together further

brand film | original music and sound design | 2020


The film is a manifesto on the energy path that reflects the vision and values of the company. A sound design that brings the city to life and accompanies the 3D animation.

Creative response

An innovative electronica musical universe focused on connections, expertise and excellence. The sound design that brings the place to life and the deployment of polygons.

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The film manifesto highlights the journey of energies, data, services and people that are essential resources for building the future. This musical universe is full of energy in motion. The human dimension is brought by percussion and staccato string sounds on the finale.

Creating connections and unforgettable experiences

A music with a strong identity that leaves room for the other audio elements: the voice, the ambiences and the sound effects. The playful and lively side of the percussions is supported by an electric layer. This electric feeling is orchestrated by a precise choice of analogical synthesizers sounds.

The advantages

A strong and differentiating sound identity. The possibility of combining several values in the same original music. An innovative yet familiar sound texture that speaks to several generations. The musical narrative progression that brings tension to the film. A vivid 3D image thanks to the creative sound design.

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