Sound identity for branded films

Finding the right music for your brand film is not always easy. It's often the audiovisual production company that, along with the director, is in charge of synchronizing the music for the bookshop.

But sometimes a brand needs to leave a more lasting mark. To create a musical imprint that touches its target audience directly. For this, what better way than to use sound identity through original music, via an audiobranding agency, a sound studio or a composer.

Since 2012, audiospheric has been designing and producing sound identities for dna films, brand films.

Discover our workflow and methodology
We develop our workflow to provide the best response.

We offer to discuss marketing concepts (brand identity, target, message, objective, etc.) to facilitate dialogue with project stakeholders. It's a step-by-step, hand-in-hand co-creation process. A real survey and benchmark are carried out upstream to reveal a real musical recommendation.

The recommendation is made up of excerpts from commercial music, film music or advertising. We work daily on a database to find the right references. We use this recommendation as the basis for our creative music production work.

Veolia Water - Brand film 2019
Musical genre : Pop

Values and emotions: listening - caring - excellence - technology - support

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Creative brief: briefing with the director, who knows the brand very well.

A highly strategic recommendation: following a listening workshop on selected musical references with the communications department, we agreed on references that sound current, pop and dynamic.

A varied production: a guitar with a hook (a catchy sequence) followed by the piano to begin a very familiar Pop universe. At 1 minute, the music shifts to a more committed, Disco-inspired universe. Each chapter of the film is thus sequenced by the music. The music evolves in phase with the storytelling messages. The music was created from the witness voice to sequence the musical storytelling.

For anyone who designs, writes, produces or directs films for corporate communications, Louis doesn't sell music. He provides the means to make a film more cinematically successful, and more impactful in terms of its messages.
Antoine Jezequel, FRL Productions

ENGIE - Business card video, raison d'être 2019
Musical genre : Indie Rock

Values and emotions: dynamic - freedom - optimistic

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An obvious brief the desire for a playful, colorful, sparkling and optimistic film.

A not-so-obvious recommendation: a proposal to focus on modernity and innovation following a benchmark of the sector and the brand's positioning. The first recommendation was based on the Electro genre.

The unexpected production: following the delivery of v1, the communications department decided to move away from the Electro genre (innovation) to refocus on Rock (human, joy). In just one day, we managed to bounce back with a new reference. The music was produced on the video already finalized and edited from the reference track.

Bouygues Energies & Services - Dna film, manifest 2020
Musical genre : Electro - Electronica

Values and emotions: dynamic - living - human - expertise - innovation

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A clear brief : the director was perfectly in control of the manifesto film on the energy journey that reflects the company's vision and values.

A concrete recommendation: a 30-odd page keynote to explain the strategic choices in sound identity and facilitate post-production discussions. Musical storytelling planned well in advance.

An electrifying sound identity: an innovative Electronica musical universe focused on connections, expertise and excellence. A sound design that brings the space and the polygons to life. The electric feel is orchestrated by a precise selection of analog synthesizer sounds. The music was produced from an animated video.

Crédit Agricole GIP - Business card video 2021
Musical genre : Future Bass - Synthwave

Values and emotions: innovation - safety - proximity - digital

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An elementary brief A very simple brief: to present the specifics of Crédit Agricole's IT Group Infrastructure Platform branch.

A minimal recommendation: after scouring the website and analyzing the sector's musical communication, our choice came down to 3 Futur Bass musical references, directly validated by the customer.

Innovative production: create surprises to capture attention. Breaks in rhythm to boost concentration. Above all, find a singular universe to mark the identity of the company and the motion design. 

Louis systematically seeks meaning in his compositions. And for motion design, this is essential! Music is a language that can accompany every speech, every image, every emotion, to add that famous extra layer of reading.

Lucas Bouldoires, Maggle

Cerba Healthcare - Film Adn 2018
Musical genre : Electronica - Ambient

Values and emotions: people - expertise - innovation

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A very detailed brief Following our meeting with the communications department, we were able to carry out further research in preparation for a recommendation workshop.

An in-depth recommendation: a music-listening workshop with the communications department helped to validate the key concepts to be promoted through sound identity.

A collaborative production: a sound universe sequenced and produced from the voice-over. The storytelling of the music was constructed in close collaboration with the director.

UIC - UIC at a glance 2016
Musical genre : Neo-classic

Values and emotions: human - unifying - technical - caring

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A brief on the rails The need for a film that reflects the values of the railroad federation and its universal character.

A collegial recommendation: a listening workshop with the communications department brought out notions that became fundamental to the sound identity. The notion of "breath", for example, was a key factor in the musical creation.

A modular production: the sound identity is made up of 4 distinct musical sequences, in order to sequence the film. Each sequence has its own emotions. They were delivered for editing and retouched in the home stretch of the project.

Acome - Corporate film 2019
Musical genre : Pop - Electornica

Values and emotions: human - intimate - long-term strategy - innovation - expertise - high-tech

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A free briefing following the success of the film We Are Acome in 2017, the communications department gave us carte blanche. The film's producer supervised the sound identity.

A detailed recommendation: a 50-page keynote that examines brand positioning, competitors, industry trends and musical trends. A sharp creative proposal with a precise musical storytelling.

Autonomous production: a musical universe created in complete autonomy. The challenge of producing music that brings together the human dimension and technological innovation.


As you'll have gathered, sound identity work for brand films is precise, methodical and exciting! We don't seek to develop any particular musical genre. In fact, we have no particular genre of choice. What drives us is the experience of use, the emotions and values that music can anchor in the target audience in a lasting way forbrand identity.