Louis Vuitton - Google Lens

Augmented Reality | sound design | luxury

Production: AUplaisir      Sound design and mixing: Louis Boulloche (Audiospheric)

01 / Brief

Creative sound design for augmented reality videos that accompany the book experience at the opening of the store in Seoul.

02 / Creative response

A sound design synchronized to the video, both realistic and poetic. It leaves room for sound ambiences while bringing a soft and crystal-like musical color, just like Frank Gehry's architectures.

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The sound design is inspired by Frank Gehry's work, a glass architecture like for the Fondation Vuitton in Paris. We started with a collection of sounds reminiscent of these sounds of rubbed glass and metallic layers. The spaces come to life thanks to the work on the sound ambiences, the sound effects in phase with the graphic aesthetic of the Icinori studio.


Creating connections and unforgettable experiences

This audio experience is synchronized with the video that launches in Google Lens when you hover over certain pages of the book. The audio reinforces the link between Icinori's illustrations and Frank Gehry's work through unique sound combinations.


The advantages

To offer the brand a unique visual and audio experience by re-creating the changing of the guard in Seoul with a sense of proximity. The sound reinforces the impression of quality of the experience and its immersive dimension.


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