Slam and original music

Slamming with original music is a good way for brands to address their audience in an authentic way.

Here are 3 examples of videos where the original music with the slam is a real asset for the brand:

Constellium - Born to recycle

Constellium, manufacturer of aluminium, wanted to communicate with the younger generation on the subject of aluminium recycling. We accompanied the march in the casting of the slam in 3 languages and the creation of a sound identity pop, dynamic in phase with the time. The music underlines the fact that the brand is concerned by environmental issues.

We have received a lot of positive feedback from aluminium and sustainability associations, investors, customers and also a real enthusiasm within the company. It was a very enriching experience for us to be able to get out of the classic corporate film format. The artistic work of the slammers and the composer really allowed us to carry our message and clearly helped to convey it more widely.

Noémie Fierens - Communications Manager Europe


EDF's IT department chose to use slam poetry and original music to attract new employees. The text co-written with the slammer allowed to be really adapted to this oratory art. We composed a pop funk "hit" to make the film engaging, joyful and festive. Some members of the IT team lent their voices to amplify the chorus and push the young people into action.

I really appreciated our collaboration with Louis because he managed to translate our brief into a piece of music that brings out the dynamism and modernity. The soundtrack and the slam are completely in line and form a winning duo that pleased our target audience.

Lucien Dalioli - Change management project manager at EDF

Why choose Pinkanova?

Pinkanova agency highlights its know-how and expertise through slam and original music. The voice and music gradually build up tension to lead to the climax and the final fall.

Louis has been listening and making suggestions throughout the project. The exchanges were always constructive and the work was of high quality! I particularly liked his approach during the conception. For me, the sound work on our showreel was just as important as the image work. Even more, it is the sound that conveys our messages and our identity!

Laurent Boulic - CEO at Pinkanova