Sound Design for Explainer


Motion design is increasingly used in corporate communications to communicate an idea, a service or a product.

The sound design of a motion design video encourages attention, increases understanding of the message and accompanies the story.

Sound design work can :

  • Enhance image illustration
  • Contribute to the video's identity

In addition to bringing the image to life, sound adds meaning through its sonic texture and rhythm.

Since the days of Walter Murch (THX 1138, The Conversation, Apocalypse Now) in the 70s, sound designers have begun to think of film mixing in terms of arrangement or orchestration, multiplying the layers of sound.

There are 4 ingredients to sound design:

  • Sound editing (assembling and superimposing sounds from a sound bank to create ambiences)
  • Sound effects (reconstructing sounds to bring movements to life)
  • Sound synthesis (creation of unique sounds)
  • Mixing (adjusting the sound balance between each sound)

Sound is sometimes seen as superfluous in corporate video communication. Scrolling on social networks doesn't favor sound, or video for that matter. But when you want to get a message across with a story, sound becomes one of your best allies.

I think sound is what traps us in the story of a film. Watch a film without sound and you'll find that it doesn't touch you as much.


Here is a selection of motion design projects with sound design created by our studio:



A very natural, organic sound design that underlines the human dimension behind the data. This motion design explains the agency's approach to data. The use of natural sounds reinforces the human side of the agency's work. We didn't want to focus solely on digital.

The sound signal attracts attention to stimulate the viewer's creativity. Motion design enables the creation of more audacious and unexpected sounds. Jimmy MacDonald, head of Disney's sound department for almost 50 years, built hundreds of machines to create and simulate the sounds he needed.


Sound design with digital glitch and sound for a purely digital product. Napoleon Group relies on a team of experts in crypto-asset management, based on cryptocurrency. The sound design reinforces the innovative dimension of the solution.

Sound synthesis, and modular synthesizers in particular, can be used to create highly innovative, unheard-of sounds. This sound technique is also particularly malleable. Ben Burtt, who created the sounds for Star Wars, makes extensive use of synthesis and ensures the effectiveness of the sound he produces.

Softbank Robotics

Sound design that gives rhythm to the motion without requiring background music. Interface sounds, or UI sound effects, are feedbacks to actions, warning that the user action has been taken into account.

Art Fmr

The musical layers play the role of sound design, supported by a few sound effects. Musical layers are very important to create a sense of calm and serenity, and thus provoke contemplation. The use of acoustic instruments reinforces the natural dimension.


Digital sound design with Wall-e-style sound humanization. To see the film with voice-over.

The use of speech synthesis with a vocoder to imitate the human voice with morphing is an idea developed by Ben Burtt on the animated film Wall-E.

Wilhelm & Co – Wishes

Reinforcing the magic of Christmas and winter through sound design. The use of iconic sounds such as the bell tree or sleigh bell to anchor the motion design in the enchantment of Christmas.

Here are three projects from creative research that are not commissioned projects:


Using real sound recordings from round and rectangular objects to bring singularity. Sound recording in extreme proximity to give the impression of being immersed in the image. A selection of different objects was used for each sequence. The aim was for each graphic universe to have its own sound identity.

MTL Pinball

Highlighting the graphic uniqueness of each universe through sound. This project is a collaboration with several motion designers from Montreal and Paris. The sound design is based on real pinball machine sounds and analog synthesis sounds. The idea is to create a soundtrack that sounds as if the pinball machine really existed, thus promoting immersion.

36 Days Of Type

The 36 days of type project is an international motion design competition. For this edition, we proposed a unique approach to sound. Each letter of the alphabet has a very specific sound. Using voice samples in a musical and creative way is a way of giving a unique identity to the motion design. 

Sound design comes at the end of the motion design video production process. It's sometimes the line that jumps out first on the quote, even though, as you'll understand, it's essential for a memorable experience. So contact us before you cross this line out of your motion quote!