UIC - What is UIC?

brand film | neo-classical | organisation

Production: FRL Productions Director: Antoine Jézéquel Original music: Louis Boulloche (Audiospheric)

01 / Brief

A soundtrack that brings breath, reinforces the collaborative dimension of the International Union of Railways.

02 / Creative response

A broad and committed neo-classical score with different phases to mark the film's trademark sequences.

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The first phase of the project is to understand the UIC brand, International Union of Railways. Define the key words that can be translated into music. Then a workshop with the communication team allows to define the musical creative tracks that are in phase with the brand identity. The final creative step is to link the musical brand universe with the director's storytelling.


Creating connections and unforgettable experiences

The piano gently sets the theme. The strings accompanied by percussion add strength. The different sequences of the film are marked by unique musical variations. The finale underlines the collective with a large orchestrated brass and choral score.


The advantages

A strong, proprietary and enduring musical identity. It resonates with the brand's core values. Musical storytelling in line with the voice-over narrative to enhance each sequence of the brand film.