Expanscience - Piascledine

advertising | neo-classical | health

Agency: By Agency Production: Pour Faire Simple Original music, sound design and mixing: Louis Boulloche (Audiospheric)

01 / Brief

A bucolic and light music that accompanies the action. A sound signature to mark the TV campaign and facilitate the memorization of the baseline.

02 / Creative response

A light piano melody supported by an orchestral flight. A simple, accessible and warm sound signature.

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A sound signature that plays on the name of the product in three beats. The use of the modernized marimba to highlight the simplicity and mastery of the laboratory. An original neo-classical music that evokes a bucolic ballad in the first part that will get excited in the second part. A hyper realistic sound design and sound editing to make the scene more immersive.


Creating connections and unforgettable experiences

Three rising, percussive melodic notes. The sound signature with its current and warm sound colour gives confidence to the boomer generation. The soft and lively music, based on a waltz, reassures with its old-fashioned touch.


The advantages

A simple and memorable sound signature that will leave a mark. It resonates with universal sounds and rhythm. A global work of the soundtrack so that each element is in its place in a global coherence.