Louis Vuitton - Travel Book Seoul

Augmented Reality | sound design | 2021


Bringing to life the 6 augmented reality videos that accompany the book reveal at the Seoul store opening in Korea.

Creative response

Develop a sound design adapted to each video. A sound universe that's both realistic and poetic, leaving plenty of room for ambience.

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The sound design is inspired by the work of Frank Gehry, a glass architecture like the Fondation Vuitton in Paris. We started with a collection of sounds reminiscent of rubbed glass and metallic layers.


The audio reinforces the link between Icinori's illustrations and Frank Gehry's work through unique sound combinations.


To offer the brand a unique visual and sound experience by recreating typical scenes of life. The sound enhances the quality of the experience and its immersive dimension.

Valeo - UI Sound Design

Sound design for motion design

Galeries Lafayette - original music and sound design