Palladium Boots - Dare the city

Brand Content | Musique originale et sound design


A sound and musical universe that accompanies the brand's new positioning, more rebellious and more urban.

Réponse créative

A Hip-hop and Electro musical universe that translates the hybrid, contemporary and technical dimension of the product. A sound design that brings to life the rumours of the city and the actions in the image.

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La première étape a été d’échanger plusieurs playlists avec le réalisateur et le directeur marketing, à partir d’une stratégie musicale. Cette recommandation est basée sur l’étude du positionnement de la marque par rapport à ses concurrents. Les inspirations viennent de la scène Hip-hop anglaise afin de donner une nouvelle image de la marque, plus urbaine et audacieuse.


Creating connections and unforgettable experiences

To renew its brand image, Palladium needed to associate its brand with a musical identity. The theme "Dare the city" requires an urban universe that is defiant. Creating bespoke content inspired by the UK underground hip-hop scene creates a strong proprietary imprint.


The advantages

The brand has invested in its repositioning and has made a fresh start by making a strong impression. This approach allows it to capitalize on this novelty effect to deploy its new campaigns by deploying this musical genre.