Palladium Boots - Dare the city

Advertising | electro Hip-hop | fashion

Production: UP RH Production      Director: Fabien Didelot      Original music, sound design and mixing: Louis Boulloche (Audiospheric)

01 / Brief

A sound and musical universe that accompanies the brand's new positioning, more rebellious and more urban.

02 / Creative response

A Hip-hop and Electro musical universe that translates the hybrid, contemporary and technical dimension of the product. A sound design that brings to life the rumours of the city and the actions in the image.

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The first step was to exchange several playlists with the director and the marketing director, based on a musical strategy. This recommendation is based on the study of the positioning of the brand compared to its competitors. The inspirations come from the English hip-hop scene in order to give a new image of the brand, more urban and audacious.


Creating connections and unforgettable experiences

To renew its brand image, Palladium needed to associate its brand with a musical identity. The theme "Dare the city" requires an urban universe that is defiant. Creating bespoke content inspired by the UK underground hip-hop scene creates a strong proprietary imprint.


The advantages

The brand has invested in its repositioning and has made a fresh start by making a strong impression. This approach allows it to capitalize on this novelty effect to deploy its new campaigns by deploying this musical genre.