Sony - VuThéara Kham

brand film | original music and sound design | 2019


A soundtrack that reflects the photographer's bohemian, contemplative dimension while enhancing the images.

Creative response

Music that alternates between blues guitar and ethereal violin strings. A sound design that sublimates the city of Budapest.

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We feel the photographer's posture as he takes the shot. The bohemian character is supported by the Blues guitar. It marks this search for precise moments.


Choosing original, tailor-made music shows a sensitive, genuine portrait. The photographer is seen as a person with a singular approach, accompanied by a high-quality camera.


Working on music and sound design at the same time allows for precision work. Focusing on the balance between the atmosphere of the city and the musical universe brings a great fluidity to the film.

Palladium Boots - original music

Acome - original music and sound design

Moët & Chandon - sound design