Sony - VuTheara Kham

branded film | neo-classical | technology

Production: Dupont + Martin       Director: Morgan Bocquet       Original music, sound design and mixing: Louis Boulloche (Audiospheric)

01 / Brief

A soundtrack that reflects the bohemian and contemplative dimension of the photographer.

02 / Creative response

A music that alternates between blues guitar and ethereal neo-classical layers. A sound design that brings the city of Budapest to life.

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The violin layers slow down the rhythm of the film and encourage contemplation. The goal is to make us feel the posture of the photographer who takes his picture. The bohemian character is supported by the blues guitar. It marks this search for precise moments. The music is anchored in a high-end aesthetic, in phase with the quality image of the Sony brand. The music is constructed in different sequences in order to easily adjust to the editing of the images. This tailor-made musical universe is built to bring evolution and permanent renewal.

Creating connections and unforgettable experiences

Sony provides the tools for amateurs and professionals to realise their dreams. Choosing original, bespoke music shows a sensitive, genuine portrait. The photographer is seen as a person with a singular approach, accompanied by a high quality camera.

The advantages

Using the same studio for the music and sound design allows us to think about both elements in parallel without overloading the soundtrack. Indeed, focusing on the balance between the atmosphere of the city and the musical universe brings a certain fluidity to the film. This custom-made and exclusive soundtrack work makes the project more authentic.